Skin Resurfacing

Clinical Skin Resurfacing treatments use physical or manual procedures that dramatically resurface the skin and stimulate cellular repair and collagen production.  Physical resurfacing methods of skin revision are the safest option for anyone with light sensitive skin due to medications or darker skin tones that are prone to hyper or hypo pigmentation when exposed to heat.*

Laser Free Refining

Safe for darker skin tones.*

Natural Cellular Repair

Achieve younger skin with natural anti-aging.*

Repair Acne Scars*

Repair pitted & pigmented scars.*

Refined Pores & Tighter Skin*

Smooth, healthy & radiant skin is within your reach.*

Stretch Mark Repair*

Get your bikini body back.*

Safe Stretch Mark Revision*

Ideal for all skin types, colours & damage depths.*

Collagen Induction Therapy Facials

The secret anti aging weapon of the stars is now available to the public.*  Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian are all reported to be advocates for the youth creating benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy.

Clinical Skin Needling – Scarring

The best way to repair, smooth and remove scar tissue is with Skin Needling.  Pitted acne scars, trauma scars and surgical scars can all be treated effectively with clinical skin needling.*  Have your treatments 4 weeks apart until your skin is smooth and refined.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch marks are internal scarring caused by tearing of the skin.  This condition is commonly found in puberty, pregnancy & other conditions that cause rapid weight gain.  These unsightly dermal scars can be repaired with Clinical Skin Needling.*  Topical anesthetic may be applied for skin needling treatments if you require a pain free experience.  A course of 6 x monthly treatments is advised initially.  Results may vary due to health, genetics and skincare factors.

Stretch Mark Laser Options

Emerge Fractional Laser is the non invasive choice for fair to medium skin tones as the combination of infra red and fractional trauma will speed up recovery and scar tissue repair dramatically.  A relatively comfortable treatment that can be performed fornightly to speed up the progress.  A course of 6 is recommended initially and treatment results may vary due to skin health, age, daily skincare application and genetics.*

Stretch marks are internal torn scar tissue.  Emerge Fractional Laser and Clinical Skin Needling are very effective at repairing stretch marks from the inside out.*  Healthy skin will thicken and tone will become more uniform.  Choose Emerge Fractional Laser for inner thighs as the recovery is quicker with no risk of infection.*


Dermaplaning, Epidermal Blading, Dermal Edge Peel or EpiBlading is a treatment that uses a surgical blade to dramatically level out the surface of the skin.  This process will reveal smooth, hair free skin with refined pores and lifted features.  Ideal for anyone desiring a flawlessly smooth complexion.*  Beware the feeling is addictive, most return within a month for a maintenance treatment.

Dermaplaning Enhancers

Clinical Resurfacing FAQ’s

Both Skin Needling and Fractional Laser are very effective.  Most choose a treatment based on their pain threshold, post treatment recovery time, budget and how quickly they require results.  Your Clinical Skin Therapist will discuss the options with you in your personalised treatment planning session.

Emerge fractional laser will give you the least amount of down time as the treatment does not break the skin plus redness and swelling from the treatment will usually subside within 24 hours of treatment.  Skin needling may be the less expensive option but it does carry a measure of risk for infection due to the skin being broken to cause a state of heightened repair.  The skin will be tender for 3 – 5 days with skin needling so it is not advised to be performed on the inner thighs as skin rubbing can cause bacterial infection or chaffing.

The answer to this question will depend on the size of the area to be treated, the type of treatment performed and the depth of the damage sustained.  Your clinical skin therapist will consult with you and inform you on the best course of action and the approximate number of treatments required.  As a rule of thumb most will need at least 6 treatments to get an acceptable outcome with some needing to continue on until they are happy with the results.

Treatments for Emerge fractional laser can be performed fortnightly on the body and weekly on the face as the recovery process is quicker than skin needling.  Skin needling treatments are every 2 – 4 weeks depending on how quickly the skin regenerates itself.  Epiblading or Dermaplaning is a monthly treatment to maintain smooth, hairless skin on the face.

Yes we do.  Emerge Fractional laser is our non invasive, low down time laser of choice.  This laser resurfacing treatment is very effective on fair to medium skin tones for the resurfacing of rough and irregular skin texture.  Ideal for post acne scarring, oil trauma scars, fine lines, enlarged pores, wrinkles and surface sun damage related pigmentation.

*Results may vary from person to person.