Laser Skin Correction Treatments

IPL, E-light and Emerge Fractional Laser are non invasive laser treatments designed to resurface and repair blemishes or imperfections received from acne, trauma, injury and sun exposure.   Our highly skilled Laser Practitioners will guide you through the laser correction process and use the laser technology at our disposal to effectively treat you skin concern.*

Eliminate Imperfections

A simple, long term solution to a more radiant skin.

Smooth Pores, Lines, Sun Damage & Wrinkles

Firm, refine & plump the skin for a smooth, bright texture.

Non Invasive Technology

Means you can go back to work after your treatment.

IPL, E-Light & Emerge Fractional Laser

Respected state of the art technology for effective results.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Adjustable treatments to suit your specific concerns.

Trained to Manufacturer Standards

Our safe laser protocols provide a pleasant procedure.

Laser for Acne & Scars

Fast, effective laser treatments for the reduction of scars and prevention of acne breakouts.*

The most important daily homecare for acne skin is an exfoliating cleanser, gentle anti pollution exfoliant, light weight oil control hydrator and Retinol Serum each night.

Laser Pigment Reduction

Laser, IPL, E Light and Fractional laser pigmentation treatments use various targeted light frequency energies to breakup pigmented skin or draw pigmented skin cells out to the surface so they can be quickly exfoliated away.  A very effective treatment for the reduction and/or removal of trauma and sun induced pigmentation concerns.*

Laser works wonders on surface, sun related pigmentation.*  If your pigmentation is from a genetic, dietary or hormonal source you will find it best to have metabolic pigment peels regularly with daily use of pigment blockers like Aspect Pigment Punch.

Laser for Rosacea, Redness & Spider Veins

Gentle and non invasive treatment of thread veins, dilated capillaries, cherry spots, red acne scarring, rosacea, broken capillaries and small veins can be acheived with IPL Vascular Therapy.  Even better results are gained from the latest technology E Light or eLos Vascular Therapy.*

Laser Skin Correction FAQ’s

IPL Skin Correction is the use of various Intense Pulse Light filters or light frequencies to effect a positive change in the appearance of the skin.  Our highly trained and certified laser technicians will adjust the settings to address your specific concerns.  Acne and scarring, rosacea, cherry angioma and red broken capillaries or pigmented sun damage and age spots.

No special preparation homecare is required to have IPL Skin Correction.  You will need a consultation and patch testing prior to treatment and it is important to stop using Topical Retinol and Antibiotics 5 days prior to treatment.  Tanned skin can not be treated with IPL due the higher risk of burning associated with artificial pigmentation, so avoid tanning lotions and sun prolonged sun exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Your skin will be double cleansed to ensure there are no lotions, makeup or sunscreen left on the skin.  Protective eye goggles or patches are worn and a cool gel is applied to the skin.  Our laser technician will make the necessary setting adjustments to target your specific concerns and we will finish with moisturiser and sunscreen application.

Although we make all the necessary measures to make your treatment a comfortable experience you will feel a slight, hot flicking sensation on the skin much like a rubber band.  The light is quite bright around the eye area so you may feel the need to flinch, but this is a normal responce.  Your skin may feel a little tight and hot post treatment but this will subside within a few hours.

Yes of course.  We can apply a medical grade treatment foundation afterwards.  This will allow you to go straight back to work with little to no indication of you having a treatment.

*Results may vary from person to person.