Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Facials are an important investment in your skin health and as such only use cosmeceutical and clinical grade skincare in our treatments.  We highly recommend you use our prescribed clinical skincare at home to achieve the best results.*  Our products and devices are clinical grade so it is important to inform us of any allergies, medication, surgery and implants that may affect the suitability of your selected procedure.

Celebrity Skin Secret

Customized Laser Facials For The Starlet Glow.*

Multi Device Technology

Expert customization of lasers & clinical actives.

Non Invasive Firming

Noticable results with little to no downtime.*

Quality Wrinkle Reduction*

Resurfacing & cellular activation = Tigther skin.*

Quick Laser Solutions

Target your aging concerns with ease.

Laser Spot Treatments

Affordable options for those smaller areas of concern.

*Please Note:  Best results are achieved with a course of treatments.  All laser treatments require a thorough consultation and patch testing prior to treatment being performed.  To book a consultation with one of our laser technicians please click here.

Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Photo Rejuvenation is non invasive Intense Pulsed Light, ELOS & Emerge Fractional Laser for a firmer skin, brighter complexion and smoother surface texture.*

Not sure which anti aging laser treatment is best for you?  The Ultimate Laser Resurfacing Facial is the best for targeted attention of the Face, Neck and Decolletage.  Maree will customize the facial for your specific needs.*

Emerge Fractional Laser

Laser skin resurfacing procedures have really advanced in recent years to see extremely effective non invasive laser treatments being offered to give you the smooth, beautiful skin you desire without the pain and downtime of ablative fractional laser treatments.*

Want to have the hollywood celebrity glow?  The Red Carpet Ready Facial is the laser facial secret to radiant, camera ready celebrity skin.*

Customized Laser Facials

Maree’s laser facials à la carte menu offers superior customized skin rejuvenation with the use of precise clinical technologies. Laser facials are the latest skin revision innovation for the discerning individual who values skin health, no downtime and investing in their future skin.*

Laser Facial FAQ’s

If you are a new client to our skin clinic and laser treatments you will need a consultation and laser patch testing prior to under taking any laser therapy.

Yes. Queensland Health requires laser clinics to show proper due care. Laser patch testing & medical consent is required before we can perform any laser treatments on clients.

Yes. All our skin health professionals are trained in house with our manufacturer trained Laser Safety Officer. They are also required to attend a Qld government approved laser safety certification course prior to performing laser treatment on our clinic clients.

Laser treatments are an investment and in order to get the most out of them we advise you to use clinical grade skin care at home to prolong the anti aging and skin repair benefits of your laser treatments.  Please be aware that if you purchase your home skincare from supermarkets or unauthorised online liquidators you may be putting your skin at risk of not getting the best results or longevity from your laser facial.

Please Note:  You must avoid unprotected, extended sun exposure for 2 weeks before treatment.  Artifical colour (sun tan or tanning lotions) on the skin will put you at higher risk of burning and interfere with your laser results.  It is best to have laser treatments after summer coming into winter to get the best results.  Also discontinue topical Vitamin A creams and treatments 5 days before your laser treatment.  Medication and anti-biotics can make you photo sensitive so please advise us on any new medications prior to treatment.

*Results may vary from person to person.