What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflamed, swollen, red, pimpled or flushed skin condition commonly found on the nose, cheeks and often through the brows.  It presents itself in 2 different forms, dry Rosacea or oily Acne Rosacea.

Rosacea Facials

Rosacea Treatment FAQ’s

Rosacea is a stress induced condition and some individuals have genes that make them more disposed to developing it.  Both men and women start to suffer from rosacea in their 30’s and 40’s with the condition continuing until stress hormones are reduced or rosacea treatment has been given.

When treating Rosacea a wholistic approach is needed.  As it is a result of internal stress it is as important to address the internal digestive, adrenal and hormonal triggers just as much as the external symptoms.  Improving adequate sleep patterns, reducing the intake of refined sugar, processed foods & alcohol plus eliminating stressful lifestyle factors will all impact greatly on the improvement of Rosacea.

Yes, as many have very busy family and work schedules it can be difficult to fix your current lifestyle choices.  So the addition of digestive supplements and in clinic rosacea treatments & rosacea specific skin care will help to reduce the symptoms dramatically.

EFA – Essential Fatty Acids are vital for ensuring the health of the skin and it’s immunity to ward off external aggressors.

Pre & Pro Biotics – Gut health is a major factor in the persistence or elimination of Rosacea.  The best time of day to consume pre-biotics is at dinner time (garlic, leek, onion) as they lay down the food source for the pro-biotics (dairy free is best) which should be takin prior to bed.  By doing this each day you pave the way for good bacteria to set up camp over night in your digestive system and improve your body’s chances of counteracting stress and environmental free radical damage the next day.

Zinc & Magnesium – These 2 minerals both support skin health and repair damaged skin.  Magnesium helps calm, protect and detoxify the skin whilst Zinc heals and balances the skins functions particularly itchy, burning, blistered and dermatitis like symptoms.

*Results may vary from person to person.